About Us

Pili & Blu is a sister company of Filiflavors. We’re aiming to put Filipino craftsmanship on the map while supporting the Autism community as a tribute to my brother who is on the spectrum.

“Pili” means “to choose” in Tagalog, it also represents me as a Filipino/Pilipino, and “Blu” is a way of incorporating Autism in the name. The brand represents that my life choices will always include my brother. He is the heart, the reason, and my bigger “why” to everything that I do.

We want to bring you statement pieces from small businesses in the Philippines handmade by artisans across Cebu, Naga, Manila, and Negros among a few. Bags made with rattan, pandan, and statement earrings reflecting our colorful culture will hopefully not only enhance your wardrobe but we hope that they empower you to to take up space, to show up, to have courage, to be authentic, to be bold, to be joyful, not only for you but because of your bigger “why”, may it be a person or a cause. We are also working on pieces that will showcase the artwork of people with Autism.

Filiflavors is all about community while the ethos of Pili & Blu is to help connect you with your best self so you can show up for you "why".

Follow our journey in bringing statement pieces that will highlight you so you may be able to do it for others.

- Bianca, Founder of Pili & Blu